Development strategy


PRAXIS has been growing as professionals on staff. Through regular seminars promotes knowledge in IT, ADR, sales and in other areas, thereby achieving faster and more qualitative service, always with an emphasis on job security.
Part of the company's policy has to do with contracts with specialized transport companies, in order to fully develop its network, in conjunction with the private fleet of more than 180 tons / day, to cover every required need.

The sustained commitment of space, for the transportation and distribution of goods, allows us to obtain better prices and prompt availability due to economies of scale. Thus we ensure to the customers and partners of the company, greater flexibility in routing orders and better pricing.

Through specialized suppliers, leaders in their respective fields, PRAXIS offers in its premises as well as in alternative spaces, according to your preference, complete storage services, identifying the suitable model of supply chain for your needs.
Also the company closely monitoring the latest technological developments in the industry while already using technologies for automation, communication and telematics management, continues steadily to invest in systems and technologies that contribute to the further streamlining of operations, to the quality of service and productivity.



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