PRAXIS, as befits any serious company that respects and appreciates the power of information, has studied and invested in the most modern and effective methods of input, development, storage and use of the daily data which manages.
To achieve the above objective, PRAXIS has created a unified computer network consisting of servers and terminals. The communication of those computers from any PRAXIS distribution center is achieved by implementing network VPN (Virtual Private Network) system.
Each PRAXIS distribution center has its own fileserver responsible for the safe transfer and storage of all necessary files, database server responsible for the optimal data utilization and email server for the proper and continuous mail and fax flow.

The above equipment is accompanied by the necessary peripherals:

  • laser, inkjet and dot-matrix printers for everyday printing needs of various documents, waybills, labels and other documents
  • Copiers, fax machines and scanners
  • Advanced digital PBX for fast and reliable telephone communication

All these have been considered, designed, implemented and supported by reliable and effective partners who support the constant effort of Praxis to develop and improve its services to its customers.



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