Domestic removals


Organization is undoubtedly the integral part of a successful removal . A comprehensive plan requires removal procedures to be followed to achieve the best possible result.

These are:

  • A visit of the Transport Council at your house, who will presentyou the exact plan, the packaging,the vehicles which will be needed and the staff employed.
  • Recording your special needs (eg packaging, uninstalling appliances, etc.).
  • Recording of the surroundings and conditions that affect the transport (eg accessibility, floor, etc.
  • Setting the date of the second contact to provide you with the completed forms.
  • Evaluation and work assessment.
  • Issue of the Offer.
  • Agreement for the date of visit of the staff holding of the transport to conduct it.
  • Check of the workshop by the Transport Council during the process of removal, to ensure quality of service.
  • Fill in a form of customer's satisfaction with the completion of the procedure.

PRAXIS, utilizing the expertise and the years of experience in loading and cargo transport, proceeded vigorously in the service of removal.
Having the appropriate logistic infrastructure, the already existing trained staff and humanistic culture to service the move, two key priorities were set from the beginning: reliability and safety.

The above are ensured by Praxis with:

  • Our transfer Advisor who visits your site, registers your needs and provides you with the best conditions of safe loading and transport.
  • The appropriate trained staff that takes care of the professional packing and transporting your belongings.
  • The fully equipped warehouses for permanent or temporary storage of your household goods . In combination with a modern management system, we ensure you that your favorite personal property will remain intact and safe throughout the course of hosting at the premises of PRAXIS.
  • Use of quality tested packing materials.
  • Advanced recording and evaluating of the data on specific forms.
  • Ongoing support and communication throughout the whole duration of the project

PRAXIS, acknowledging your desire for fast and efficient transport, focuses on excellent communication.
Highly trained officers of the company are actively at your disposal to provide you with immediate solutions for any need during the move.

PRAXIS, knowing the specific economic conditions, has set its prices accordingly.
The detailed preparation and good planning keep prices low and ensure the avoidance of unnecessary costs.
Especially for students and military men there are special offers available for removals from Monday to Thursday.


  • Visit and assess your space and issue of offer for free
  • wrapping furniture
  • Dismantling and assembling furniture
  • wrapping and packing glassware
  • Placing clothes in paper clothes closets
  • Free uninstalling and installing of electrical appliances.
  • Handling with safety by permanent, experienced and skilled PRAXIS staff
  • Transportation with modern and fully equipped PRAXIS trucks
  • Use of lifting equipment
  • Storage
  • Insurance



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